Time Keeps Moving

Best-top-desktop-beautiful-love-wallpapers-hd-love-wallpaper-picture-image-11I would prefer that it was 9 hours 6 minutes since I last heard from you, but that’s not the case.  Nine days and 6 hours have passed since I last heard from you and got the last communication from you apologizing for hurting me and your regret for causing me pain.  I want to reach out to you so badly, but doing so will only be a sign of weakness and the vicious circle of me being the one to fix things will begin all over again. Second verse…same as the first.

I feel broken.  A part of me feels like it is missing – like a thief in the night I was broken and torn apart and am left here exposed.  I feel vulnerable but am trying to keep a brave face and pretend that none of this is really bothering me.  It is.  Inside I am like a choppy ocean.  My emotions are all over the place, but I keep holding onto the idea that this is the best thing for me.  I need to be important to me and not be so concerned about always holding you up and making things better when you are in crisis.  I need to be #1 in your life and not your “boring girlfriend” who you are